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Participants: Marcelo M. Wanderley: Supervisor, Haptics & Hardware/Software
John Sullivan: Hardware/Software, Haptics Research
Deborah Egloff: Hardware/Software, Haptics Research
Marcello Giordano: Hardware/Software, Haptics Research\|

Closeup of the bodysuit.
Collaborators: Audrey-Kristel Barbeau (MPBL): Haptics Research
Sandeep Baghwati (matralab): Project Supervisor
Isabelle Cossette (CIRMMT, MPBL): Supervisor, Music Education
Joanna Berzowska (XS Labs): Supervisor, Textiles & Wearable Technology
Alex Bachmeyer (XS Labs): Textiles & Wearable Technology Development
Joseph Browne (matralab): Software Development
Julian Stein (matralab): Software Development

Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grant
Project Type: Collaborative Project
Time Period: Sept 2014 – Sept. 2018 (ongoing.)

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