4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces

Several IDMIL projects were presented recently at the Enactive/07 conference in Grenoble, France, including DIMPLE, DMI evaluation and Gesture control of sound spatialization. Two of the concerts produced at the conference used systems and software developed in the IDMIL: Arnaud Petit's Concertino Nervoso, performed by McGill professor Fabrice Marandola; and the premiere of Sean Ferguson's Miroirs, performed by 'cellist and McGill Digital Orchestra member Chloé Dominguez. Miroirs featured non-conscious control of sound spatialization: inertial sensors were attached to the 'cellist's arms and features extracted from the sensor data were used to control spatial parameters of electronic portions of the piece.

Four IDMIL researchers and colleagues at the Enactive/07 conference in Grenoble