IDMIL in Jyväskylä

R. Michael Winters presented two IDMIL research projects at the International Conference on Music and Emotion in Jyväskylä Finland June 11-15th. Mike was the recipient of a CIRMMT student travel award and a SEMPRE award to attend this conference. The first paper was a collaboration between IDMIL and Emotional Imaging Incorporated and is entitled “Emotional Data in Music Performance: Two Audio Environments for the Emotional Imaging Composer” and was co-written with Ian Hattwick and Marcelo M. Wanderley. The second paper “Sonification of Emotion: Strategies for Continuous Auditory Display of Arousal and Valence” was co-written with advisor Marcelo M. Wanderley.

The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki: The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki