Participants: Stephen Sinclair
Joseph Malloch
Marcelo M. Wanderley (supervisor)

Screenshot of the influence environment.
Collaborators: labXmodal: http://xmodal.hexagram.ca
Moment Factory: http://www.momentfactory.com
gsmprjct°: http://www.gsmprjct.com

Funding: Hexagram-Industrial (CINQ) - E[MERGE]: Software tools for organization, analysis and modeling of real time sensor data for dynamic media composition in interactive environments
Project Type: Collaborative project.
Time Period: Oct. 2010–Sept. 2012. (Completed.)

Project Description

The E[MERGE] project focuses on the creation of software tools for developers of interactive media to analyse and model data from large sensor networks in real-time. These tools will facilitate the creation of interactive media experiences which exhibit nuanced evolution over time. The central research question of the project is how temporal patterns can be extracted from a large number of sensor data streams and linked to the control of lighting, video, sound, and other media to produce emergent behaviours beyond those strictly conceived by the designer. The results envisioned for the project include software tools which can be used to aid rapid creation and production of interactive environments for businesses, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.

Emerge system diagram - connections drawn in red indicate services provided by libmapper