Participants: Marcelo M. Wanderley

The three generations of the métainstrument.
Collaborators: Serge de Laubier, PI (Puce-Muse, France)
Vincent Goudard (Puce Muse)
Joseph Laralde (LaBRI/SCRIME - Bordeaux University)
Norbert Schnell (Ircam)
Francis Faber (la Grande Fabrique)
Myriam Desainte-Catherine (LaBRI/SCRIME - Bordeaux University)
Hugues Genevois (LAM - Paris VI University)
Gyorgy Kurtag (LaBRI/SCRIME - Bordeaux University)
Christophe D’Allessandro (LIMSI - Paris-Sud University)
Sylvain LeBeux (LIMSI - Paris-Sud University)

Funding: Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France.
Project Type: International Collaboration
Time Period: Started in January 2007. (Completed.)

Project Description

International collaboration around the métainstrument, a gestural controller in its third generation (the blue device on the right photo below) and that has been played by several performers over more than two decades since its inception. The project is led by Serge de Laubier (Puce-Muse, France).

The second generation of the métainstrument. Notice that the performer plays the controller seated. The three generations of the métainstrument. Top device (silver), 1st generation. Golden device, 2nd generation (see figure on the left). Blue device, 3rd generation.

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