Optoelectronic Acquisition and Control Board

Participants: Avrum Hollinger
Joseph Thibodeau
Marcelo M. Wanderley (supervisor)
1st-generation system diagram
Funding: NSERC Discovery Grant (M. Wanderley)
Canadian Foundation for Innovation (Zatorre & Wanderley)
Project Type: Doctoral work.
Time Period: Aug. 2009–Present. (Ongoing.)

Project Description

As part of the fmri-compatible musical interfaces project and as an extension to the fungible_interfaces, an embedded system was designed to perform analog acquisition and low-level control tasks. As the MRI-compatible interfaces make use of fibre-optic sensing, optical-to-electronic transduction is needed, as well as analog signal processing, digitization, and communication. First and second generation boards have been completed, with the newer platform being smaller, faster, and more flexible.

 2nd-generation optoelectronic acquisition and control board

  1st-generation optoelectronic acquisition and control board

 Block diagram of 1st-generation design