Participants: Marcelo M. Wanderley: Supervisor, Haptics & Hardware/Software
John Sullivan: Hardware/Software, Haptics Research
Deborah Egloff: Hardware/Software, Haptics Research
Marcello Giordano: Hardware/Software, Haptics Research\|

Closeup of the bodysuit.
Collaborators: Audrey-Kristel Barbeau (MPBL): Haptics Research
Sandeep Baghwati (matralab): Project Supervisor
Isabelle Cossette (CIRMMT, MPBL): Supervisor, Music Education
Joanna Berzowska (XS Labs): Supervisor, Textiles & Wearable Technology
Alex Bachmeyer (XS Labs): Textiles & Wearable Technology Development
Joseph Browne (matralab): Software Development
Julian Stein (matralab): Software Development

Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grant
Project Type: Collaborative Project
Time Period: Sept 2014 – Sept. 2018 (ongoing.)

Project Description

A novel sensory garment with embedded vibrotactile feedback has been developed, which lets the user experience different tactons dispersed over the body. Applied to a musical context, specific actuation patterns transmit predetermined score information to mobile musicians through this new kind of ergonomic interface. Thus, this tactile information can be used to train musicians to “read” a “body suit score” intuitively, and to efficiently produce musical output that is linked to vibrotactile sensations.

 Felix Del Tredici performs Fragile Disequilibria at Concordia University 2015

Felix Del Tredici performs Fragile Disequilibria (S. Baghwati, 2015) at Concordia University

More Information

* Presentation slides following Fall 2015 conference and concert events. Download (44.7MB)