The Music & Posture Project

Participants: Delphine Bernardin
Erwin Schoonderwaldt
Marcelo M. Wanderley
Benoît Bardy (Université de Montpellier I)
Thomas Stoffregen (University of Minnesota)
Mark Bradley performing Stravinsky’s 2nd Piece for Solo Clarinet (top: immobile, bottom: standard performance).
Funding: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Special Research Opportunity Grant)
Quebec's Ministry of Economic Development (PSIIRI Grant)
European Network Enactive Interfaces
Institut Universitaire de France
Project Type: International Collaboration (ENACTIVE Network)
Time Period: 2005–2007. (Completed.)

Project Description

The Music & Posture Project is a theoretical and experimental project aiming at discovering the movement signatures underlying musical performance.

We are interested in the perception of instrumental performance from the point of view of a musician's gestures, both effective (those performed to generate sounds, such as blowing, bowing, plucking a string, etc.) and accompanist (e.g. torso movements in pianists).

We are studying what kinds of information are preserved in kinematic displays, such as information about performer expertise, gender, musical style, and even the recognition of a specific performer. More generally, we are studying the coupling between the “musical” melody and the “postural” melody, and are investigating how human postural dynamics (stable postural states, transitions, etc… are constrained by musical performance.

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