Resources available at the Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory are divided in four main areas:

  • Motion capture systems
  • Controllers and sound synthesis workstations
  • Electronics development equipment
  • Audio and computing resources

Motion Capture equipment

  • Vicon System 460 optical tracker with 6 M2 cameras (up to 1000 fps) and various Vicon software packages (Workstation, Polygon, Real-time, Body-builder, iQ);
  • Polhemus Liberty 8 magnetic tracker;
  • Several XSens MTx nodes and two XSens XBus wireless interface (in collaboration with the Realtime Multimodal Lab.)
  • Several HD and MiniDV digital video cameras (Sony, JVC, Canon)

Force-feedback Devices, Controllers and Sound Synthesis workstations

Electronics development equipment

  • Various National Instruments acquisition cards (14, 16 and 24 bits) (compact flash, PCMCIA and PCI).
  • GPIB enabled workstation with Agilent 33220A 20 MHz arbitrary function generator, Agilent E3631A Triple Output DC Power Supply, HP/Agilent Agilent 34401A 6.5-Digit Digital Multimeter, and Tektronix TDS2014 4-channel color digital storage oscilloscope
  • Workstations including BK Precision 5492 Dual-Display Bench Digital Multimeter, BK Precision 1760A Triple Output DC Power Supply, BK Precision 4040A 20 MHz Sweep/Function Generator with Frequency Counter, and Tektronix TDS1002 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope
  • Labview software (Signal Processing and Sound and Vibration Toolkits)

Audio and computing resources

  • Tascam DM24 digital mixer
  • Eight Dynaudio BM15A speakers
  • Motu 896 and 828 audio interfaces
  • Digidesign Digi002 interface