Development of Paper Sensors

Participants: Rodolphe Koehly
Denis Curtil (EFPG, Grenoble, France)
Theo van de Ven (Pulp and Paper Research Center, McGill University)
Marcelo M. Wanderley (supervisor)
Example paper FSRs.
Funding: NSERC Discovery Grant (Wanderley)
Canadian Government Grant (Koehly)
Quebec's Ministry of Economic Development (van de Ven (PI), Wanderley)
Project Type: Ph.D. Thesis
Time Period: 2005–2010 (Completed.)

Project Description

Many contact (force/pressure) industrial sensor technologies exist and have been used in numerous musical interfaces, including the Interlink FSR and the LuSence Standard CPS 155 linear potentiometer. However all those systems have similar drawbacks: they only exist as defined products with normalised sizes, shapes and electrical characteristics.

In this project we seek to develop contact sensors using a variety of materials – including paper, anti-static foams, specialty polymer films, among others – to produce inexpensive pressure or position sensors with adapted characteristics for musical controllers.


Studies on conductive inks and manual printing processes are conducted to design conductive circuitries, and also on composite materials with elastomers for tactile feeling and conductive fillers for electric conductivity are developed to make pressure sensitive materials.